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Before applying, you need to decide exactly what type of accommodation you want, how much rent you can afford to pay and also need to check the waiting times. Only one application per person is accepted! After applying, you will receive a link once a month by e-mail which you must confirm. If you forget to confirm the link, your application will be automatically deleted. As soon as a room becomes available for you, you'll receive the room offer by e-mail.

Application mistakes
Incorrect / multiple applications will not increase your chances of accommodation, but instead all applications will be, without notification, automatically deleted by the system. Examples of incorrect applications are:

  • applying for a room in an unfurnished dorm but asking for a furnished room
  • uploading your identification card / school grades / CampusCard instead of letter of admission / certificate of enrolment
  • multiple applications with different e-mail addresses.

Application requirements
Before you apply for a room, you must at least have an admission letter or a current certificate of enrolment from Carl von Ossietzky University, Jade Hochschule or Hochschule Emden/Leer. No other documents will be accepted!

Bank details
To change your bank details from which rent ist booked by direct debit, please use the following form and return it to the housing department: pdf SEPA-Lastschriftmandat (260 KB)

Bedding, crockery etc
Bedding i.e. pillows, blankets, sheets etc. are not provided by the Studentenwerk. Crockery etc. is available in most shared flats (not in single apartments!), but be prepared to buy some extras.

The CampusCard is issued by the university to students as a student identity card and can also be used as a means of payment at the Studentenwerk's cash desk. If you have lost your CampusCard or if it's damaged, please contact the university. More info.  

Changing the application
If you want to change your application for a dorm room, contact the relevant person for the dorm you applied for: department for student housing in Oldenburg.

Contact and public office hours
You can find the relevant contact person for the dorms in Oldenburg, Emden, Wilhelmshaven and Elsfleth under the following link: department for student housing in Oldenburg. The Studentenwerk's offices in Emden and Wilhelmshaven also offer a private accommodation service.

Contract termination and termination notice
There are different regulations regarding contract terminations depending on limited or unlimited contracts. The regulations can be found in the respective terms and conditions. Unlimited contracts have a termination notice of 3 months. More info: Rental Terms and Conditions. You can use pdf this form (223 KB) to cancel your rental contract.

Damage deposit
At the beginning of every lease, the tenant must pay damage deposit. The damage deposit is booked by direct debit with the first month’s rent. The damage deposit does not earn interest.

Dorm descriptions, prices, etc.
By clicking on the relevant dorms, you can find pictures of all dorms as well as detailed descriptions about prices, types of accommodation available etc. in both German and English.

Dorm locations
The site maps show the proximity of the dorms to the universities in Oldenburg, Emden and Wilhelmshaven and to the city centers.

Full-time students of the Carl von Ossietzky Universität Oldenburg, Jade Hochschule and Hochschule Emden/Leer are eligible to apply for Studentenwerk accommodation. Not eligible are interns, trainees, those on work experience, part-time or distance/online students as well as university staff.

Unfortunately, we cannot provide accommodation if you are travelling with your partner and /or children.

Free mover or exchange?
Free-movers are students who will spend more than 2 semesters in Oldenburg (e.g. PPRE), students who have decided to complete a B.A course (e.g. Engineering Physics) or to complete a M.A. course in Oldenburg, Emden or Wilhelmshaven. Exchange students, i.e. Erasmus students, – for Oldenburg, please do not apply online. Please use the application forms given by the University or the Jade Technical University. Exchange Students for Wilhelmshaven and Emden – please apply online.

Furnished dorms
The furnished dorms in Oldenburg are Huntemannstrasse, Johann-Justus-Weg, Artillerieweg 55a, Otto-Suhr Strasse and in Emden it‘s Steinweg. Please make sure to check the waiting times before applying for a dorm!


Fully furnished is a room with

  • wardrobe
  • shelves
  • desk (without a chair)
  • bed (with mattress)

Partly furnished is a room with

  • wardrobe
  • shelves

Incorrect online application
Incorrect online applications, e.g. applying for a room in an unfurnished dorm but asking for a furnished room, will be automatically deleted by the system. Again, please make sure to apply according to your accommodation needs. In case of doubt you may always contact the student housing department with your questions.

All rooms have a cable and telephone connection as well as internet access. The charges are not included in the rent. The Studentenwerk also offers an internet connection at a flat-rate of €5/month depending on the dorm.

The keys for dorms in Oldenburg and Elsfleth can be collected during the public office hours at the Dept. For Student Housing in Oldenburg, for Emden in the Service Office (Mensa building, Emden) and for Wilhelmshaven at the Studentenwerk office at the Technical University. Keys are handed out at the beginning of the lease. If you decide to arrive a few days earlier, please make sure to arrange alternative accommodation (hostel/hotel) as the dorm rooms are normally occupied by the previous tenant until the final day of the rental contract i.e. the end of the month.

There are washing machines and tumble driers available in every dorm. To use the washing machines and dryers, simply use the payment function of your CampusCard. The process ist automatically controlled by the reader.

Lease duration
In order to provide accommodation to as many students as possible, the lease duration is limited. The minimum lease is 6 months, the maximum lease is 12 semesters (= 6 years). More information is available in the Terms and Conditions.

Limited contracts
A limited contract is limited to the minimum lease of 6 months i.e. one semester. It is possible to extend a limited contract for a further semester. It is not possible to reduce the minimum lease. Limited contracts are usually offered to exchange students and students staying for one semester only. Payment of the complete semester rental costs plus the deposit is due in advance and must be transferred before the lease begins.

The Studentenwerk Oldenburg has its own maintenance service for the upkeep of the dorms. Damage reports are to be sent online, in emergencies the maintenance team can also be reached by telephone.

Multiple online applications
Only one application per person is accepted. Multiple applications will not increase your chances of accommodation but instead all applications will automatically be deleted by the system!

Private accommodation service
For international students, the Studentenwerk offers an online private accommodation service. Private landlords in Oldenburg, Emden, Wilhelmshaven and Elsfleth are invited to publish their offers free of charge. International students can search these offers and get in touch with the landlords directly.

Radio and TV fees
The tenants must take care of paying the national radio and TV fees themselves. These fees are not included in the rent and international students are not exempt from paying. More information – unfortunately, only in German – is available online:

Registering at the Citizens Office
When you move to Oldenburg, Elsfleth, Emden or Wilhelmshaven, you must register at the Citizens Office within one week of officially moving in. You can find more information on the respective city's internet sites.

The complete rent is due and to be paid on the 1st of every month. The rent comprises of a monthly basic rent and flat charge for utilities i.e. heating, warm water, electricity, water and waste water. Not included in the rent is the national radio and TV fees (Rundfunkbeitrag) and telephone/ internet connections in your room.

Rental terms and conditions
The Terms and Conditions can be downloaded as a PDF. They apply to all dorms run by the Studentenwerk.

Room offer
The room offer in form of a rental contract is sent by e-mail as a PDF attachment. If you receive a contract by e-mail please print the contract, sign it and e-mail it back to the Dept. for Student Housing within the given time-frame. Make sure you check your e-mails regularly!

Smoking is generally permitted in your private room. Please bear in mind that on moving out the painting/cleaning costs will then be very expensive if you do smoke in your room .

It goes without saying that smokers are considerate of their neighbours and/or flatmates.

As per the pdf Rental Terms and Conditions, subletting is not permitted.

Types of accommodation
An overview list shows what types of accommodation is offered by the Studentenwerk Oldenburg: there are single apartments or double apartments as well as single rooms in flat-shares (depending on the dorm from 3-11 flatmates).

University acceptance and accommodation
Please be aware that a university acceptance does not automatically guarantee accommodation in a Studentenwerk student dorm! Rooms are assigned according to the waiting lists and availability. You must be prepared to find private accommodation yourself if the Studentenwerk can’t make you an offer..

Waiting lists
There are waiting lists for all our rooms and apartments, varying from two months to over a year according to dorm and whether you're applying for a single apartment or a room in a shared flat. Please make sure you have checked the respective waiting time in this list before applying!