The Studentenwerk Oldenburg offers housing for students in 7 halls of residence in the city of Oldenburg. The halls of residence run by the Studentenwerk are a good choice for both short and long term accommodation. Situated at comfortable distances from the Carl von Ossietzky University as well as the Jade Hochschule (University of Applied Sciences), the halls provide single rooms, either in shared flats, in double apartments or in single apartments. The single and double apartments have their own kitchen / kitchenette and bathroom, whereas in the shared flats, you find shared kitchens and bathrooms.

Unlike in some other countries, enrolment in a university does not mean that a dorm room is automatically reserved for you! You need to apply for a room in one of the halls of residence by filling in this form. Please bear in mind that an application is not a guarantee of accommodation! There are waiting times for all our dorms, you should check them before applying to make sure that your chances of getting a room are as good as possible.

Depending on the hall of residence, you can rent furnished or unfurnished rooms, some being also partly furnished with a book shelf and a cupboard. Even if the room is fully furnished, students must bring their own bedding (i.e. pillows, duvets and linen) as well as towels, cutlery and crockery. There are no meals provided in the halls of residence, but you can, of course, always visit the restaurants and cafeterias at the University and the Jade Hochschule.

Depending on size and facilities offered, the rents in the halls of residence range between € 180 and about € 360 a month, including utilities (such as water, heating, electricity etc.). Further costs might arise from internet or telephone connections which are available in all rooms.

The Studentenwerk offers an online private accommodation database for international students. There, you can look for room offers published by private landlords and get in touch with them directly.

Please note: You must make sure to arrange for accommodation some time before you arrive in Oldenburg, if possible 3 to 6 months prior to the beginning of your stay! Otherwise it may be extremely difficult to find accomodation in time for the beginning of your studies. There are waiting times for all the halls of residence that range from at least 2 to 6 months and, unfortunately, we cannot offer a room to everyone due to high demand.