More and more young people are coming to Oldenburg, Wilhelmshaven, Emden and Elsfleth to pursue their studies. For these international students, it's often much more difficult to find accomodation than for German students. By providing a database of private accomodation offers, the Studentenwerk Oldenburg wants to help international students and landlords willing to rent to them.

Information for students

You can search the accommodation offers provided by private landlords. With each offer, you'll find the contact info of the landlord and get in touch with him or her directly. Please note that the Studentenwerk Oldenburg is merely providing the platform and is in no way liable for the content of the ads.

Information for landlords

If you would like to rent a spare room or apartment to an international student, you are welcome to use our database. You can describe your offer in detail and specify what kind of person you are looking for as a tenant or room-mate (i.e. male or female, non-smoker, English-speaker).

Follow these four steps to publish your offer:

1. Sign up with your e-mail adress and a password of your choice (publish room offer).
2. You will automatically receive an e-mail with a link you need to follow in order to complete your registration.
3. Now you can log in (publish room offer) and fill in the form describing your offer. After clicking "send", you will automatically receive an e-mail with the data we received from you.
4. If you would like to edit your offer or delete it from the database, click "open offer" in the bottom left-hand corner of the page.

Please note that in the best interest of all users of the database, your offer will not be published online immediately, but will be checked by the Studentenwerk. Your offer will be activated and published within one working day.

Important notice

With the use of the online database you agree to our terms of use. Studentenwerk Oldenburg is providing a database but is in no way liable for the content of ads. If you find an ad that violates our terms of use, please send us an e-mail immediately: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Why is the private accomodation service limited to international students?

Studentenwek Oldenburg is aware of the fact that local students sometimes have trouble finding suitable accomodation as well. However, the situation for international students is much more difficult: They are usually not able to come here for a couple of days to look for a room because they often arrive in Germany just before starting their university course. Also, they usually don't know the relevant internet pages where Germans would look for accomodation. Finally, limited knowledge of the German language frequently makes it difficult for them to contact landlords. To support this group, the Studentenwerk has decided to offer the private accomodation service especially for international students. Thank you for your understanding.